My Story

I'm currently a student enrolled in a large university, in Dublin Ireland, working her way towards a Masters in International Development.  What do I want to do with that you ask?  Well basically, I want to make the world a better place for everyone and everything.  And what better way to get an understanding of our world then by traveling it?

I really got into traveling when I was younger.  My first real trip was when I was in fourth grade to Disney World!  And after that, the trips got better and better.

I've had the opportunity to go many different places, all of them have been unique and interesting, all of them somewhere I am thankful I've been.  It's amazing to think of all the places I've seen, but then I realized that there are still so many to see!

My current location in Ireland gives me the perfect launching stage to go traveling!  I have already traveled to many places and now I get to share my experiences with you!  I hope you find this blog useful.  I intend to give my honest opinions about what I encounter, the beauty, the people, and the food!

My goal is to have traveled to all seven continents (yes, including Antarctica!) by the time I've retired.  I'm well on my way!

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